Health Minister visited the construction site of Gaziantep City Hospital

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca and Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gul visited the construction site of Gaziantep City Hospital.

Following his visit to Governor Davut Gül, Dr. Koca made a press statement.

“Health investments worthy of TRY 1.4 billion were made in Gaziantep in the last 17 years out of the total amount of TRY 35.5 billion. This amount was used for construction of 83 health facilities 59 of which are primary care centers. Construction of the city hospital is ongoing and it is the 3rd biggest health complex after those in Ankara and Istanbul. Built on a closed area of 638 thousand square meter, the hospital has bed capacity of 1.875. The construction will be completed in the following year and the city hospital will include six different branches.

Once the construction of the city hospital is completed, Gaziantep will become a health base in the region” said Dr. Koca.

In response to a question about scarcity of hepatitis and polio vaccines, Health Minister made the following statement: “We delivered around 300 thousand dose of hepatitis vaccine and around 550 thousand dose of polio vaccine last week. So there in not any scarcity of hepatitis or polio vaccine. We target to eliminate external dependency and complete localization of vaccines in the next five years. For the later phases of the process, we are in close contact with Cuba, Kore and European countries. We are determined to localize vaccines through technology transfer and R&D activities.”


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Updated: 25/03/2019