Localization to be completed for vaccines by the end of 2023


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca attended the opening ceremony of four healthcare facilities in Istanbul. Talking about the localization efforts for vaccines, he stated that teams of the Health Ministry went to Cuba and South Korea for research and negotiations.

Health Minister touched upon the following issues in his opening statement:

“We have made great progress in the field of health, and opened the 9th hospital last week. We want to crown our achievements in the field of health with city hospitals. With city hospitals, we target to make sure that patients will no longer be referred to the other hospitals for treatment. The city hospitals will also play an important role for health tourism. They are equipped with the advanced technology and qualified human resources. Ankara Bilkent City Hospital is the biggest health complex of Europe and the world's third biggest hospital which was constructed in one-go.

Hence, City Hospitals will enable delivery of special and qualified services, and cooperation with universities and centers of excellence. We have a unique reimbursement system we are expanding its coverage day by day. I would like to say that we are always striving to mitigate the financial burden of our citizens for health services. Our external dependency is unfortunately quite high in medicines, supplies, devices and vaccines. So we have intensified our efforts to achieve localization by the end of 2023. We target to localize vaccines with the state involvement regardless of its costs” said Health Minister.

Dr. Koca attended the opening ceremonies of Murat Körlük State Hospital Maternal Ward, Gaziosmanpaşa Physical Therapy Training and Research Hospital, Sarıyer Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital and Kartal Dr. Lütfi Kırdar Training and Research Hospital Polyclinic Building. 


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Updated: 21/03/2019