Opening Ceremony for 150-bed Erbaa State Hospital


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca went to Tokat for a series of visits and attending opening ceremony of Erbaa state Hospital.

Following his visit to Governor Ozan Balcı, Health Minister Koca made a press statement.

“During the last 16 years, Tokat received services worthy of 16 billion 750 among which health investments have a share of 577 million. Within this framework, 14 healthcare facilities were opened in Tokat out of the 32 health investments. Turhal State Hospital is still under construction. This week we opened another hospital with 6 polyclinics, established on a total closed area of 3 thousand 200 square meters. In Erbaa, we are going to open a hospital established on the closed area of 28 thousand 655 square meters, with 57 outpatient clinics, 17 intensive care units and 6 operating rooms and dialysis units. This is an investment of TRY 75 million” said Dr. Koca.

Following the ambulance delivery ceremony, Health Minister attended the opening of Erbaa State Hospital.

“Our ultimate vision in health is to ensure adoption of healthy lifestyles by all individuals, guarantee everyone's right to health and provide timely, accessible and qualified healthcare services for all segments of the society.

We target to provide equitable, well-quality and sustainable healthcare services for all our citizens. Within this framework, we are now opening Erbaa State Hospital for health service delivery.

Minister Koca also touched upon the importance of the city hospitals.

“We have made great progress in the field of health, and opened the 9th hospital last week. We want to crown our achievements in the field of health with city hospitals. With city hospitals, we target to make sure that patients will no longer be referred to the other hospitals for treatment. The city hospitals will also play an important role for health tourism. They are equipped with the advanced technology and qualified human resources. From this perspective, we consider that Tokat also needs a regional hospital with the same functions as a city hospital” added Dr. Koca.

Following the opening ceremony, Health Minister made a brief tour in the hospital. 

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Updated: 28/03/2019