Health Minister in a question-answer session with medical students in Konya


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca came together with students of Selçuk University Medical School as a part of his Konya visit. After the session, Dr. Koca attended the funeral of Furkan Kocaman, the Turkish student who died as a result of a knife attack in Poland.

During the question-answer session, Health Minister listened to the demands of students and answered their questions about the profession of medicine.

Dr. Koca started his speech by wishing condolences to the relatives of Furkan Kocaman, and strongly condemned the attack. He also condemned the racist and violent Islamophobic assault in New Zealand, and wished mercy upon those who died.

He then addressed to the medical students about their profession and made the following statements.

“In 2018 there were over 2 million applications for higher education examination. The number of quota for medical schools was 14 thousand 643. At first glance these figures may be striking, but compared to the developed countries, we can still say that we are still quite behind in terms of the number of doctors and beds in proportion to the population. Being a medical doctor is a privilege, and the responsibility you assume is just as heavy. It requires more responsibility, more sacrifice, and more affection but it is also equally honorary and sublime.

Our ultimate vision in health is to ensure adoption of healthy lifestyles by all individuals, guarantee everyone's right to health and provide timely, accessible and qualified healthcare services for all segments of the society. I know we have a lot to do, we have a lot to go. We need to be determined, equipped and prepared with competent staff. It is possible with a strong and qualified health army that values humanity and who has a love for humanity. Our future depends on it” added Dr. Koca. 

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Updated: 18/03/2019