Health Minister met with Members of Press at Ankara City Hospital


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca met with members of press at Ankara City Hospital and provided information about the city hospital to be opened officially on 14 March Medicine Day.

The biggest health complex of Europe and the 3rd in the world, Ankara City Hospital will be the health base of Turkey.

Dr. Koca reminded that Atatürk Training and Research Hospital and Yüksek İhtisas Training and Research Hospital were moved to the Ankara City Hospital last month and the hospital started admitting patients on 7 February.

Health Minister underlined that they target to ensure access of 82 million citizens to equitable, well-quality and especially sustainable health services.

Stating that Ankara City Hospital is the 9th hospital to start admitting patients, Dr. Koca provided some information about the capacity and characteristics of the hospital. “The hospital consists of 8 hospital complexes and has 700 intensive care beds. There are 131 operating rooms and 2 hybrid operating rooms which enables intervention and angiography simultaneously.”

Dr. Koca also stated that organ transplantations are performed at the city hospital as well as 8-10 open heart surgeries per day. As to the figures, 99 thousand 652 outpatient treatment, 16 thousand 66 emergency intervention and 2 thousand 663 operations were performed as of 7 February.

“We want to make this place a health valley by further expanding this location where Hacettepe, METU, Bilkent and City Hospitals and Public Health and similar laboratories are located. Steps were taken concerning allocation of the land for this purpose.

In Bilkent, a technology center focused on health will be created with R & D and production facilities, settled on a land not less than one thousand acres” added Mr. Minister.

Concerning management system of the Ankara City Hospital, Dr. Koca mentioned that “There will be a different management system in the city hospitals, which includes a coordinator head physician at the top and deputy coordinator head physicians as well as administrative and financial directors, with each tower having its own head physician, and administrative and financial director.”

Health Minister pointed out that city hospitals have centers of excellence and it is possible to conclude protocols of use with many universities, and in the coming period it would be possible to build a “hospital of universities” with advanced physical conditions and developed technological infrastructure.

In the new period, we will also take an approach to creating centers of excellence, including cooperation with universities, where necessary to employ qualified human resources within the framework of the SUT (Health Implementation Communiqué), and also make efforts to prevent our qualified healthcare professionals from leaving to work in private sector. Many researches and studies will be possible in the new environment” said Dr. Koca.

After the meeting, Health Minister Dr. Koca and the members of the press made a brief tour at the Ankara City Hospital. 

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Updated: 13/03/2019