The first Child Obesity Center of Turkey opened in Izmir


Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Emine Alp Mese attended opening ceremonies of the Obesity Center, Migrant Health Training Center and Bayraklı Healthy Life Center.  She also visited Urla Quarantine Island.

Turkey's first childhood obesity center - Behçet Uz Children's Hospital, Child Obesity Center – was inaugurated by Deputy Minister after which she attended the opening ceremony of Karabağlar Migrant Health Education Center constructed with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Union Delegation and the Norwegian Embassy, and Bayraklı Healthy Life Center, the 8th Healthy Life Center of İzmir.

Reminding the activities under the “Action Plan to Prevent Child Obesity”, Prof Meşe added “We should raise awareness by means of the trainings provided at these centers. We should teach them and provide information about the healthy body sizes, physical activities, sleep time, timely use of computers and TVs, etc. and the ways to keep them away from the obesity.”

Meşe underlined that obesity is among the most important health problems of the developed and developing countries according to WHO data.

“For the last 40 years, obesity has increased by more than 10 times in children and adolescents between 5 and 19 years. One among 4 children is either obese or overweight, which causes many chronic illnesses and premature deaths. We attach importance to this problem because we want the children to live” added Prof. Meşe.

At the opening of the Migrant Health Training Center in Karabağlar district, Deputy Minister said “We used around 5 million dose of vaccines to immunize the migrants in line with the national vaccination calendar, and thus we both protect the health of our Syrian guests and eradicate health risks for our citizens.”

WHO Turkey Representative Dr. Pavel Ursu also said that Turkey sets an example with the health care services provided for the Syrians.

Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Meşe also opened a healthy life center in Bayraklı.

Following the opening, Prof. Mese visited the Urla Quarantine sland, Emergency Disaster and Simulation Training Center. This center will be used as an international simulation training center with the technical partnership of WHO.

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Updated: 14/03/2019