Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca at the Construction Site of Zonguldak Atatürk State Hospital


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca went to Zonguldak for on-site examinations at the construction site of Zonguldak Atatürk State Hospital.

“In this new period, we attach too much importance to localization and nationalization under the Presidential Government System. The ongoing investments will create an important opportunity. We will make efforts to do what has not been done until today. We are externally dependent for medicines by 54 percent, for supplies by 82 percent, for medical equipment by 84 percent, and for vaccines by almost 100 percent. By 2023, we target to achieve localization by at least 50 percent and eliminate external dependency fully for vaccines” said Dr. Koca in his press statement.

Dr. Koca then visited the construction site of 420-bed Atatürk State Hospital and received information from the authorities.

Following his visit to the hospital, Dr. Koca visited the Governor’s Office and met with Governor Erdoğan Bektaş. After the briefing of the Governor about the health services delivery in Zonguldak, Dr. Koca made a press statement about the ongoing health investments and the future projects.

“We increased the number of emergency stations to 23 from 5. By the end of this year, we will deliver 10 more ambulances to Zonguldak and increase the total number to 48. We will enrich the health service delivery by means of the city hospitals. We target to complete the 420-bed hospital in July-August 2020 without any problem whatsoever” said the Minister. 

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Updated: 13/03/2019