Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca in opening of Kırklareli Pınarhisar State Hospital

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca went to Kırklareli for opening of Pınarhisar State Hospital.

Following his visit to Governor Osman Bilgi, Dr. Koca made a press statement.

“80 percent of the 300-bed hospital in Luleburgaz has been completed. The hospital will start admitting patients in June. In addition, we have hospital projects in progress in Vize and Demirkoy districts.  The number of emergency stations in Kırklareli increased from 3 to 19. The number of ambulances has increased from 3 to 41 in the last 16 years. We have delivered 3 4x4 tracked ambulances for this year. We will also deliver 6 ambulances to Kırklareli province, which will increase the number of ambulances to 50” said Health Minister.

After his visit to the Governor's office, Dr. Koca went to Pınarhisar district for opening of the 30-bed Pınarhisar State Hospital. "We have made great achievements in emergency health care services in the last 16 years. We increased the number of ambulances to 4 thousand 910 from 635. We have also taken delivery of 400 ambulances out of 800 and started to distribute them. We also offer emergency ambulance services, which include free helicopter and airplane ambulance service throughout the country. We also have emergency health ambulance services to transfer our citizens to Turkey from abroad" added Mr. Minister.

Following the opening ceremony and handover of four ambulances provided by the Ministry of Health, Dr. Fahrettin Koca left the district to continue his schedule. 


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Updated: 12/03/2019