100 thousand doses of MMR vaccine delivered to Georgia

Within the framework of the cooperation agreement signed on 13 February, 100 thousand doses of MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine were delivered to Georgia by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Ministry of Health of Georgia sent a letter of thanks to Turkey.

MMR vaccines were transported to Georgia, which requested vaccine from Turkey on account of the measles epidemic in the country, in trailers and trucks with coolers. Temperature of the vaccines was monitored through Vaccine Tracking System within the frontiers of Turkey, and all data were registered. Vaccines were transported to Tbilisi from the Sarp Border Gate, without breaking the cold chain.

Following the delivery, Ministry of Health of Georgia sent a letter of thanks to Turkey, addressed to Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Emine Alp Meşe by her Georgian counterpart Zaza Bokhua, stating their gratitude for immediate response of Turkey to provide MMR vaccines to fight with the measles epidemic in the country.

European countries are also considerably affected from the recent increase in the measles cases. 82 thousand 560 persons had measles last year in the WHO European Region, which is 15 times more than 2016 and 3 times more than 2017. Turkey has not been similarly affected from the epidemic even though it is located in the east-west transition routes, as a result of preventive medicine practices substantially adopted throughout the country and high rate of vaccination. Health Ministry of Turkey also closely monitors the risks in the region and takes measures accordingly.

Turkey is among the countries having the most comprehensive vaccination program, with routine vaccination against 13 diseases. Vaccination is around 96%, and migrants coming to Turkey are also vaccinated according to the national vaccination calendar.  

Updated: 11/03/2019