Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca at construction site of Tekirdağ City Hospital for on-site examination


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca went to Tekirdağ to attend the ambulance handover ceremony and conduct on-site examination at the construction site of the city hospital.

Following his visit to the Governor of Tekirdağ Aziz Yıldırım, Dr. Koca made a press statement, and underlined that city hospitals are at the highest level for health services delivery.

Health Minister pointed out that city hospitals have centers of excellence and it is possible to conclude protocols of use with many universities, and in the coming period it would be possible to build a “hospital of universities” with advanced physical conditions and developed technological infrastructure.

Tekirdağ City Hospital has 560 bed capacity, established on the closed area of 158 thousand sqm, with 16 operating rooms and 96 intensive care beds, equipped with the modern and high-tech equipment. The City Hospital in Tekirdağ will start admitting patients by the end of the following year.

With the opening of the city hospital, Tekirdağ can be a health base, especially in terms of health tourism which Turkey attaches great importance. There are 16 health institutions in the tender stage. In addition, there is a project with 75-bed capacity in Ergene and 100-bed capacity in Kapaklı districts.

Concerning vaccination in Turkey, Koca said: “We are one of the countries with the highest rate of vaccination planned and implemented by the government. We provide vaccination against 13 diseases. Our average immunization rate is 99 percent in Tekirdağ, and 96 percent countrywide. We also know that there is a serious measles epidemic in Europe, North America and Asia. The total number of measles case was 82 thousand 560 people last year. 15 times more than the figures of 2016, and 3 times more compared to 2017. Although Turkey is surrounded with such an outbreak in the region and located at the center of the east and west routes, it is not considerably affected from the epidemic. In this context, we also attach importance to vaccination of migrants who come to Turkey. In particular, measles can only be avoided through vaccination. I call out to our citizens here to vaccinate their children against measles.”

Concerning the dialysis data system, Dr. Koca stated that a regulation was recently published about the employment of dialysis technicians and the general condition of the centers. Dialysis technicians were experiencing a major problem, especially at the point of employment. With this regulation, this problem would be solved. “We are creating Turkey’s dialysis data system. I would like to say that this will constitute the basis for scientific studies about the dialysis patients” added Dr. Koca. 

Minister Koca then visited the construction site of the city hospital and received information from the authorities about the continuation of construction works.

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Updated: 05/03/2019