Mersin Visit of Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca visited Mersin City Hospital and the 600-bed Tarsus State Hospital which is still under construction, and he received information about the progress of the construction works.    

National influenza action plan

Following his visit to Governor of Mersin Ali İhsan Su, Dr. Koca made a press statement. In response to a question about H3N2 influenza virus that caused death of 2 thousand 800 patients in France, Health Minister underlined the absence of such epidemic in Turkey, and added that the influenza cases of this year were similar to those of the previous years and there was nothing unusual. “Influenza cases has recently decreased by around 20% compared to the previous weeks. It is still prevalent in Europe, but it does not constitute a risk for us and we have the national influenza action plan in force” said the Minister. 

Occupancy rate of Mersin City Hospital reached 82%

Concerning the investments of TRY 3 billion made in Mersin within the last 16 years, Dr. Koca stated that “The most important health investment is the Mersin City Hospital with 1300 bed capacity, established on the closed area of 375 thousand sqm. We plan the city hospitals to became the health bases in their regions. Mersin City Hospital will provide even better services through the cooperation with training and research hospital and the university. Occupancy rate of the hospital reached 82% in total and that of the intensive care units is around 96%. The number of the patients benefitting from the polyclinic services is 10 thousand per day.”  

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Updated: 25/02/2019