Ankara City Hospital started admitting patients


Health Minister Dr. Koca visited patients at the newly opened Ankara City Hospital and made some on-site examinations.

The biggest health complex of Europe and the 3rd in the world, Ankara City Hospital started admitting patients.

Atatürk Training and Research Hospital and Yüksek İhtisas Training and Research Hospital were moved to the Ankara City Hospital which consists of 8 different hospitals of specialty.

Concerning management system of the Ankara City Hospital, Dr. Koca mentioned that “There will be a different management system in the city hospitals, which includes a coordinator head physician at the top and deputy coordinator head physicians as well as administrative and financial directors, with each tower having its own head physician, and administrative and financial director.”

Health Minister pointed out that city hospitals have centers of excellence and it is possible to conclude protocols of use with many universities, and in the coming period it would be possible to build a “hospital of universities” with advanced physical conditions and developed technological infrastructure.

Dr. Koca also stated that the Physical Therapy Hospital, to be inaugurated within a month, will become one of the leading centers of the world with its 70 thousand sqm closed area and number of beds, and added:

“This center will be intensely equipped with rehabilitation labs in the fields of neurophysiology, oncological, pediatric and burn treatment, which will most probably end the recourses to hospitals abroad for such purposes.

Concerning the vacated hospital building, Dr. Koca stated that although not decided yet, they will firstly be used for education and health purposes.

Dr. Koca also visited the patients treated at the hospital and asked their opinions about the newly opened city hospital.


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Updated: 19/02/2019