New Ambulances were delivered to Ağrı


Health Minister Dr. Koca went to Ağrı to conduct on-site examinations.

He sat on the driver seat of the one of the 4x4 ambulances delivered to Ağrı, chatted with 112 staff, and also visited Ağrı State Hospital.

Following his visit to the hospital, Dr. Koca met with the Governor of Ağrı Süleyman Elban and made a press statement on the occasion of which he said that “Investments worthy of TRY 14 billion have been made in Ağrı in transport, tourism, health and education. Out of this, share of the health investments is TRY 500 million. There are built 7 hospitals, 4 annexes and 32 health facilities in total. In the coming period, we will make further efforts to solve the health problems of Ağrı without the need to recourse to the hospitals in the other provinces.”

Concerning the health tourism, Dr. Koca added that “We plan to develop the thermal facilities in Ağrı and Diyadin. We also plan to construct a 200-bed obstetrics and pediatric hospital on the plot near the state hospital. Our overall aim is to make Ağrı a base of health, hosting patients coming from the other provinces.

As to the delivery of ambulances to Ağrı, Health Minister said that “10 vehicles were delivered to Ağrı for the first phase and we will continue to provide more. We will also open many family health centers and health houses in this province. I know that the number of doctors in Ağrı is not sufficient but we will overcome this problem. The number of practitioners increased to 283 from 97, and that of specialist doctors to 220 from 31. We will make efforts to increase the number of healthcare professionals in Ağrı.”    

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Updated: 19/02/2019