Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Şuayip Birinci attended the “Leadership in International Health” Conference


Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Şuayip Birinci attended the “Leadership in International Health” Conference organized by Hacettepe University Young Leaders Community.

In his speech, Dr. Birinci underlined the importance of informatics and digitalization in health. “As health directors, we have many responsibilities considering the strategic role of health for states. Health directors should ensure high-level of integration with the rest of the world, and make use of the technology literacy to have benefits in the field of health. It is obvious that societies which cannot combine the qualified human resources with innovative thinking would remain behind in the health service delivery. Today we, in line with the targets set by our Minister, are going towards production of values on the basis of innovative thinking, and making efforts to establish infrastructure of a payment and performance system caring about values by making use of the artificial intelligence” added Deputy Minister.

Dr. Birinci identified the level of Turkey giving examples from various parts of the world, and mentioned about such informatics projects of the Health Ministry as e-Pulse, Telemedicine System, Statistic and Causal Analyses in Health, Spatial Business Intelligence, Chronic Diseases Management, e-Triage application. Dr. Birinci further added that “Our 2019 target is to ensure automatic sending of the health information to the relevant person by e-Pulse system, making use of artificial intelligence apps, with a view to increasing awareness about diseases and protecting health.”

Concerning health tourism, Dr. Birinci stated that “It is not difficult for Turkey to be a leader in the field of health tourism considering our location and high-quality health services. We are convinced that this process will be accelerated through the efforts of USHAŞ (International Health Services Co.), and we are about to complete the digital infrastructure to make this target real.”

Deputy Minister also underlined importance of technology literacy for fighting with obesity.

Plaques were presented to the participants following the session. 


Updated: 11/01/2019