Product Tracking System was taken into operation

Product Tracking System (PTS) developed to track the locally produced or imported medical devices and cosmetic products from the production line to the sale points up to the patient was introduced with a meeting attended by Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Emine Alp Meşe.

In her inaugural speech, Prof. Alp Mese underlined that they adopted, as the Ministry of Health, the motto of “people first” and for that purpose they aimed to provide high-quality services for citizens.

Medicines and medical devices used for diagnosis and treatment are another fundamental pillar of the high-quality health service provision, and Deputy Minister added in this regard that “Having hospitals of good physical characteristics, or having doctors, nurses or other healthcare professionals of very good qualifications would not suffice for health service delivery, we also need to have and track the medical supplies and equipment.”

Product Tracking System (PTS) project started in 2014 and the Turkish Ministry of Health set an example in this field as the Drug Tracking System.

“PTS included in the 62nd Government Program was developed for effective management of registration, examination and tracking of medical devices and cosmetic products, market surveillance and warning procedures as well as the clinical engineering activities. This system will register and track all medical devices and cosmetic products, and thus constitute an important instrument for fighting with grey economy and illegal trafficking, also provide access to safe products, enable establishment of a more effective supervision mechanism and create more target-oriented health policies.” Added Prof. Alp Mese.

The rate of fake or unregulated drugs decreased to zero in Turkey while it is around ten percent even in developed countries, and PTS aims to minimize unrecorded medical devices and cosmetic products.

Underlining that PTS was integrated with many software systems used in the other public institutions, Deputy Minister stated that “The mobile app enables access to information on medical devices and cosmetic products by both healthcare professionals and citizens, thus they will be able prefer registered and safe products. Each citizen will be a voluntary supervisor and provide us the feedbacks.”

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Updated: 02/01/2019