National Move in Health Technologies


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca attended the Publicity Meeting for Health Industries Transformation and Research Platform (SEDAP) organized in Bilkent Campus.

Delivering a speech in the publicity meeting of SEDAP, established to support the process of domestic production of medical products, Dr. Koca described vision of the Ministry as adoption of healthy lifestyle by all society, protection of right to health for every individual, and access of all people to the well-quality and timely healthcare services, which can only be ensured through mobilization of all national resources, and in cooperation with the public and private sectors and universities.

We are about to obtain license for diphtheria – tetanus vaccine

Dr. Koca further stated that they target to produce all medicines and vaccines of strategic importance in Turkey, and Turkey should take part in the innovative medicine researches.

“We are providing vaccination with 13 antigens. Considering the size of the populations, it is not difficult to estimate the amount of vaccines we have to procure every year. We are making efforts to produce some of these vaccines in Turkey. We are conducting intense negotiations with the manufacturing firms. Some concrete steps have already been made. We are about to obtain license for diphtheria-tetanus (Dt) vaccine” added Health Minister.

Concerning production of medical devices, Dr. Koca stated that they not only aim to establish production lines in Turkey but also transfer the know-how.

“We will support the entrepreneurs in the field of medicines and medical devices”

According to statements of Dr. Koca, they will both help the start-up entrepreneurs come together with the investing firms and also provide direct investment support whenever required for development of health technology projects.

Concerning allocation of direct resources for production projects, Dr. Koca explained that “We would like to support people, firms and research agencies engaged in this field. I believe that Health Industries Transformation and Research Platform (SEDAP) will be a new and significant step for domestic production of medical products” and concluded his speech as follows:

“By means of this project, we aim to support all start-up companies. We will encourage innovative products in the field of health technologies. We will support establishment of R&D production ecosystem. We are determined to achieve domestic production of medical products and export of them. We want to be among the leading countries of the world in this important and strategic area. We are working intensely for this purpose.” 

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Updated: 04/12/2018