Deputy Minister of Health Mr. Güven attended the 7th Meeting of Eurasia Intensive Care


7th Meeting of Eurasia Intensive Care organized within the framework of the 15th National Turkish Internal and Surgical Sciences Intensive Care Congress took place in Antalya with 34 sessions, 47 oral presentations, 90 posters and 83 speakers.

Delivering an inaugural speech at the meeting, Deputy Minister of Health Mr. Güven stated that he started working at intensive care in 1995, and at that time he would not even imagine the development of such a scientific branch. 

“Four friends coming together, we established an association on intensive care at the beginning of the 2000s, and we organized a symposium when we became 5, and now we can reach hundreds of people.”

Underlining that this branch is now accepted as a science while it was previously performed on a volunteer basis, Deputy Minister added that “There were very few intensive care in the country. But now we have around 20 thousands modern intensive care units.” 

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Updated: 26/11/2018