HIMSS’18 Health IT Conference is ongoing in Istanbul


HIMSS’18 Eurasia Expo – the biggest health IT event of Turkey- and EMRAM Training Conference started in Istanbul (25-27 October) with participation of many international speakers. On the first day of the event, Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Şuayip Birinci, Health Minister of Malesia Dr. Dzulkefyl Ahmad, Health Minister of TRNC Dr. Filiz Besim, HIMSS USA Director Harold Wolf and Rector of Medipol University Prof. Dr. Sabahattin Aydın delivered inaugural speeches.

The main theme of the event is future of the health IT. Within the framework of HIMSS’18 attended by high-level health IT professionals from the USA, England, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Health will present awards to the directors of 163 hospitals which have achieved level 6 and 7.

HIMSS EMRAM scale presents the opportunity for comparing the digitalization process of health facilities with the entire world. According to EMRAM scale, Turkey hosts one of the 4 hospitals of 7th level across Europe. While there are 29 hospitals at 6th level in 29 European countries, there are 166 in Turkey.

In his inaugural speech, Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Şuayip Birinci stated that “Republic of Turkey is the only country achieving the maximum level of patient satisfaction with the lowest possible costs. Turkey could present many applications to the disposal of health sector and citizens by means of the domestic and national health IT solutions. The personal health record application e-Pulse, which is developed fully with domestic resources, is currently used by 9 million persons. We developed the strongest tele-radiology network of the world. As the Ministry of Health, we aim to create digital infrastructure for all hospitals and provide high-quality and rapid services for our citizens, which will bring about improvement of life quality.”      


Updated: 26/10/2018