The greatest hospital of Turkey to be inaugurated soon


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca visited the Bilkent City Hospital under construction.

“Besides the healthcare services to be delivered at the Hospital, access to the campus and mobility within the campus are among our priorities.”

The greatest hospital of Turkey is to be inaugurated soon. Started in 2015, Bilkent City Hospital will be in operation progressively as of the end of November. Health Minister Dr. Koca visited the hospital to receive information from the officials in charge.

“Transportation is our priority”

Health Minister Dr. Koca underlined the importance of Bilkent City Hospital – one of the 32 projects realized through public-private partnership model – as one of the examples reflecting health vision of Turkey.  New bridge crossings and roads are constructed and new mass transportation routes are designated to facilitate access to the hospital and ensure easy translocations of citizens within the campus.

“It will set a model for medical tourism”

Health Minister Dr. Koca emphasized that Bilkent City Hospital will be an important center for the international patients as well as the Turkish citizens, as medical tourism is among the strategic priorities of Turkey. “All has been planned for high-quality services, comfort of the patients and physical conditions. We need to publicize leading characteristics of our hospital. Bilkent City Hospital will be a model for Turkey in international platform.”

City hospitals will also provide unique opportunities for training-research in cooperation with universities.

11 thousands personnel and 40 thousands patients on daily basis

Bilkent City Hospital will be the seventh hospital taken into operation following Mersin, Yozgat, Isparta, Adana, Kayseri and Elazığ. It is the third biggest health complex of the world with 3.704 bed capacity. There will be a total of 11 thousands personnel 6 thousands of whom are healthcare professionals, and 40 thousands patients will be treated there on daily basis. The health complex includes 131 operating rooms, 706-bed intensive care unit and 38-bed dialysis center. The hospital will also have the biggest laboratory of Turkey and all services will be provided in digital environment. The campus also have 2 heliports for ambulance helicopters.   


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Updated: 24/10/2018