4th Session of the Public Health Days Symposium “Indigenization and Localization in Health”

“4th Session of the Public Health Days Symposium” was held in Ankara on 9-10 October 2018 in cooperation with the General Directorate of Health Development and Saglık-Sen Strategic Researches Center Institute (SASAM).

Attended by Deputy Health Minister Prof. Dr. Emine Alp Meşe and Dr. Şuayip Birinci, and leading academicians, bureaucrats and non-governmental organizations, the symposium focused on “Indigenization and Localization in Health, Control of Non-communicable Diseases, Health Literacy, Fight against Addiction and Control of Non-communicable Diseases”.

In his inaugural speech, Deputy Health Minister Dr. Şuayip Birinci mentioned about the unique achievements of Turkey in the last decade in the field of health transformation, which is best reflected in the decrease of maternal - infant mortality rates. “Turkey followed and implemented a national policy and a national behavior” added Dr. Birinci underlying that Turkey has not taken any country as an example during the health transformation process.

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WHO Turkey Representative Pavel Ursu stated that indigenization and localization in health would present an opportunity to deal with the benefits, connections and challenges of the globalization, and review the comparable advantages of Turkey in this regard.

Member of Family, Health, Labor and Social Affairs Commission and AK Party Member of Parliament İsmail Taner stated that “Health is an expensive system. It is critically important to render these services more cost-effective through indigenization and localization activities.”

Director-General of Health Improvement İbrahim Barbaros Akçayaka said that the fourth session of the Public Health Days was organized under the theme of “Indigenization and Localization in Health” in parallel with the current agenda of Turkey and in a way to provide positive contribution to the process.

Head of Sağlık-Sen Metin Memiş and Head of Memur-Sen Ali Yalçın touched upon importance of indigenization and localization in health in their speeches.


Delivering her speech before the second session of the symposium, Deputy Health Minister Prof. Dr. Emine Alp Mese provided information about the infectious diseases, and expressed her pleasure for the award presented to the Turkish Ministry of Health for fighting with non-communicable infectious diseases.

Deputy Health Minister Dr. Şuayip Birinci delivered a speech about “Digital Applications in Management of Healthcare Services” and mentioned about many awards Turkey received for putting into use the digital applications in healthcare. He particularly underlined that the digital application projects were created by the Turkish youth through the use of national resources.

The 4th session of the Public Health Days Symposium ended following the panels. 


Updated: 16/10/2018