“We cannot possibly tolerate any delay in healthcare services on the account of saving”

The news on non-performance of operations due to absence of medical supplies is baseless

In media, there is some news implying that operations have been suspended at hospitals due to absence of medical supplies and certain medicines are not available in the market. It is totally baseless and unfounded that health expenditures have been restricted as a result of the high currency rates or such instructions have been given by the Administrations.

As the AK Party Governments, we have always mobilized any and all resources for the most qualified health services bearing in mind that saving is not possible in health. Turkey has achieved a great transformation and set an example in health by improving infrastructure and quality of the health facilities and increasing the number of the health-related centers.

We cannot possibly tolerate any interruption in healthcare services on the account of saving. However, it does not mean that we should not avoid extravagancy. Under the current economic circumstances, our health institutions too should take some measures – like any other public agencies – to avoid extravagancy.

There is also some news about non-availability of some imported medicines in the market due to high exchange rates. The Ministry of Health is following any activities that may create perception about lack of access of the public to the medicines and medical supplies through abuse of the current situation. Our site teams and auditors are working in due diligence to make sure that all medicines are available in the market.

We do not allow non-availability of any medicine in the market just because of its price especially if it is critically important due to absence of its alternative or equivalent. In case any medicine required for public health becomes unavailable in the market, the Ministry will put into action the necessary measures to prevent any kind of suffering. We kindly inform the public that as the Ministry of Health, we have taken the necessary measures to make sure that the economic fluctuations do not affect the delivery of healthcare services and the health of our people.

Dr. Fahrettin KOCA
Health Minister   

Updated: 15/10/2018