Deputy Health Minister Prof. Dr. Muhammet GUVEN attended the Event of World Walking Day

“World Walking Day Event of 3-4 October” organized every year by the Turkish Ministry of Health took place on 3 October 2018, Wednesday in Sincan Wonderland, Ankara with the participation of  Deputy Health Minister Prof. Dr. Muhammet GÜVEN.

The event started with the Healthy Life Walking. 1000 secondary school students walked holding posters with logo “10 thousand steps per day”.

It is aimed to develop healthy life culture

The World Walking Day event was organized to increase awareness about obesity, encourage healthy diet and physical activity and reduce the prevalence of obesity, and in the event citizens enjoyed various games combining physical activity with fun.

Participants visited the Healthy Life Vehicle at the site to have their blood pressure, blood sugar and body mass index measured; took part in such activities as tug of war and pedal car race, and received Right Exercise Healthy Life booklet including information about healthy life habits and the Health Child magazine published by the Ministry of Health free of charge to increase health literacy of children. 

Events organized in 81 provinces concurrently

Healthy life walks were organized everywhere in Turkey under coordination of Health Promotion Directorate to underline importance of the physically active lifestyle.

Furthermore, a billboard was designed to increase awareness about “Obesity” within the framework of “World Walking Day Event of 3-4 October”, and it will be posted on billboards throughout the week in 81 provinces. 


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Updated: 05/10/2018