Deputy Minister Muhammet Güven Attended the Performance Evaluation Meeting

Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Muhammet Güven had a meeting with the provincial health directors on the occasion of “Performance Evaluation Directive for Contracted Directors”.

During the meeting, current activities related to performance evaluation of provincial health directors, chairmen, deputy chairmen, district health directors, chief physicians, deputy chief physicians, hospital directors and deputy directors were discussed.

Trainings were held on 10-12 September 2018, with the participation of provincial health directors of 3 different categories, directors and unit responsible officers of Administration, Monitoring and Evaluation Units.

Participants from 81 provinces were informed about performance evaluation activities, performance criteria, performance evaluation directive and system for contracted directors, indicator cards, hospital grouping activity and their feedback was welcomed.

The meeting aimed at information exchange and establishment of effective communication channels.


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Updated: 17/09/2018