Message by the Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca on the occasion of 15 July


“On 15 July, the Turkish nation protected their honor and interfered in the history with their bare hands”

Two years ago, on 15 July 2016, the Turkish nation made legendary history for their country and freedom, with a noble resistance, against the coup-lovers and the traitors nested inside the military forces. This noble resistance of the Turkish nation set an example for the entire world and made it clear that no force whatsoever can establish an anti-democratic regime in Turkey, satellite of certain forces, to the contrary of their belief and ideals.

The most important factor rendering that coup attempt unsuccessful is the powerful leadership of the President H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and attachment of the Turkish nation for their roots and belief in democracy. On 15 July, the Turkish nation protected their honor, interfered in the history with their bare hands, messed the trap of the ambushers and determined the direction of the history in line with their future and independence.

Like the whole nation, the healthcare professionals, too, made great efforts on that day for both transfer of the injured and martyrs and treatment of the injured at the health facilities. In this regard, 2730 persons were admitted to the hospitals, and 1520 persons were treated at the affiliated hospitals of the Ministry of Health, 306 persons at the university hospitals and 222 persons at the private hospitals.

On this occasion, I pray the Allah to have mercy on the martyrs, and I would like to express my condolences for the Turkish nation and wish swift recovery and my deep gratitude for the veterans and their relatives.

I am fully convinced that this nation, who has the soul of their territory and vision of the universal democratic values, will walk towards the enlightened future in peace and stability.

Dr. Fahrettin KOCA
Minister of Health   

Updated: 16/07/2018