Leyla Bilginel was transferred to Turkey for treatment


Actress and newsreader Leyla Bilginel who lives in Thailand and contracted Dangue Fever as a result of a mosquito bite was transferred to Turkey for treatment by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Emergency health services personnel Dr. Pınar Kaşıkçı and Paramedic Ahmet Dörtok working at Istanbul 112 went to Thailand to transfer Leyla Bilginel to Samatya Istanbul Training and Research Hospital.  Treatment of Leyla Bilginel is performed by the specialist doctors.

Chief Physician of the Hospital Prof. Dr. Özgür Yiğit made a statement and said that “The patient applied to the hospital, in late May, with the symptoms of headache, nausea and vomiting, but it was considered as migraine since the patient has it. When her physical condition deteriorated, she was admitted to hospital on 12 June. With the initiative of the Turkish Ministry of Health, she was invited to Turkey and transferred to Samatya Istanbul Training and Research Hospital. Her overall condition is fine. She was monitored there with the diagnosis of Dangue fever. She suffered there because of the severity of the disease, but currently she is better. She is treated with the infection specialists of our hospital. It is not a life-critical condition. I hope she gets better soon. There is not a specific medicine for this disease and it is not communicable, since it has passed that phase.”

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Updated: 25/06/2018