13 Palestinians were transferred to Turkey for treatment


13 Palestinians injured by the Israel’s use of disproportionate force were transferred to Turkey through Egypt by the Palestine White Hands Association and Human Social and Solidarity Association following the initiative of the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Treatment of the Palestinian patients are continuing at the affiliated hospitals of the Ministry of Health.

It is estimated that the number of the injured and dead may increase.

Official procedures regarding treatment of the patients have been completed by the Ministry of Health.

Decision on granting protection for the Palestinians

During the special session of the UN General Assembly, the decision on providing protection for the Palestinians was adopted with 8 negative, 45 abstention and 125 positive votes following the initiative of Turkey as the Term President of the OIC and Tunisia as President of the Arab Group.

The decision introduces some liabilities for both states and United Nations.

According to the decision, Secretary General of the UN was asked to prepare a report, within 60 days, regarding what is to be done to ensure security and peace of the Palestinian civilians.

The decision also condemned rocket attacks from the Gaza to the Israeli civilian areas besides the disproportionate use of force by Israel.  

The sound solidarity initiated with the determined position and initiatives of Turkey showed that the Palestinians would not be left in desolation across the serious international violations. 

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Updated: 18/06/2018