Ground-breaking ceremony for Annex of the Murat Kölük State Hospital


Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan broke ground for Annex of the Murat Kölük State Hospital.

In his speech, Dr. Demircan said that there are over 60 healthcare facilities which started providing services but could not be inaugurated due to lack of time.  “We also could not attend the ground-breaking ceremony of over 40 facilities for this reason.”

Mentioning that Turkey has 6 thousands land ambulances, 19 helicopter ambulances and 4 air ambulances, Dr. Demircan said to catch the highest norms of Europe in terms of the number of intensive care beds.

Health Minister also stated that “All patient rooms in the newly built hospitals are like private rooms. The Turkish nation is worthy of the best. It is our duty to offer the most qualified services to tour citizens at both newly constructed and restored hospitals. We not only renew the hospitals but also appoint healthcare professionals for the vacant positions. This year we will employ 56 thousands healthcare professionals.”

Dr. Mehmet Muş, Deputy Head of AKP Group and Member of Parliament from Istanbul said that they act based on the understanding of “giving priority to human so that the state sustains”, and they allocate the highest budgetary amount to education and health.

Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu said that great developments were made in the field of health in the last one year and expressed his gratitude to the Health Minister for his support.

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Updated: 14/06/2018