Foundations were laid for Bartın State Hospital


Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan broke the ground for 400-bed Bartın State Hospital.

In his speech, Dr. Demircan said that large-scale investments have been made in the field of health since 2002.

Dr. Demircan stated that even though construction of over 60 healthcare facilities were completed, they cannot spare time for inauguration ceremonies, reminding that even a small facility was inaugurated more than once in the old days. There are 42 healthcare facilities to be started in 2018.

Mentioning that Turkey has 6 thousands land ambulances, 19 helicopter ambulances and 4 air ambulances, Dr. Demircan said to catch the highest norms of Europe in terms of the number of intensive care beds.

Health Minister stated that health infrastructure is totally restored, which also constitute the infrastructure of the medical tourism, adding that “We currently obtain up to $4 billion from medical tourism and we hope to increase it to $20 billion by 2023.”

Member of Parliament from Bartın Yılmaz Tunç expressed his gratitude to Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan and his team for that valuable investment.

Governor of Bartın Nusret Dirim said that the hospital will also serve for the other provinces of the region and that is why it is an important investment.

The 400-bed Bartın State Hospital is estimated to cost TRY 158 million. 

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Updated: 13/06/2018