Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan inaugurated the Samsun Psychiatry Hospital


Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan inaugurated the Samsun Psychiatry Hospital, and laid foundation of the new polyclinic building of the Training and Research Hospital. 

In his speech, Dr. Demircan mentioned about the recent mental transformation in Turkey, referring to quote of Seyh Edebali “we should give priority to human so that the state sustains.”

Dr. Demircan stated that even though construction of over 60 healthcare facilities were completed, they cannot spare time for inauguration ceremonies, reminding that even a small facility was inaugurated more than once in the old days.

Health Minister also said that preliminary tendering procedures were completed for the Samsun city hospital and the construction activities would start during this year.

Provincial Health Director of Samsun Muhammet Ali Oruç expressed his good wished for the new healthcare facility.

Mayor of Samsun Zihni Şahin said that health sector is going through great developments, and the new investments make positive contribution for Samsun. 

Governor of Samsun Osman Kaynak said that foundation of Samsun Training and Research Hospital will be laid and Samsun Psychiatry Hospital is now inaugurated, which turns Samsun into “Health City Samsun.” 

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Updated: 13/06/2018