New service building of Çorum Provincial Health Directorate was inaugurated


Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan inaugurated the new service building of Çorum Provincial Health Directorate.

In his speech, Dr. Demircan pointed out the high improvement of Turkey in medical tourism and added that “Difference in the health sector between before and after 2002 is beyond comparison.”

Dr. Demircan said that besides the increase in the number of land ambulances, they have 19 air ambulances at the disposal of the Ministry, which was unimaginable back then.

Health Minister also stated that “All patient rooms in the newly built hospitals are like private rooms. The Turkish nation is worthy of the best. It is our duty to offer the most qualified services to tour citizens at both newly constructed and restored hospitals. We not only renew the hospitals but also appoint healthcare professionals for the vacant positions. This year we will employ 56 thousands healthcare professionals.”

Members of Parliament from Çorum Lütfiye İlksen Ceritoğlu Kurt, Ahmet Sami Ceylan and Salim Uslu underlined in their respective speeches the recent developments in the health sector and thanked to all who made efforts for the new service building of the Provincial Health Directorate. 

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Updated: 13/06/2018