Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan inaugurated the İskilip State Hospital

Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan inaugurated the 100-bed İskilip State Hospital.

Dr. Demircan started his speech by giving the regards of the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and said that “Some people wish to go back to the parliamentarian system. In the last 60 years, Turkey has experienced 6 coups or coup attempts and each coup stops development of a country for minimum 10 years.”

Dr. Demircan also mentioned about the current mental transformation based on the understanding of “giving priority to human so that the state sustains” and said that the necessary steps are taken to make this happen.

Stating that they increased the quota of the specialist doctors to 8 thousands from 6 thousands, Health Minister added that “We will increase the figures progressively. We are distributing the available specialist doctors fairly based on the population. We will make appointment for all vacant positions in June.”

Dr. Demircan also reminded the public to protect and respect the healthcare professionals.

Mayor of İskilip Municipality Recep Çatma thanked for this huge project and requested appointment of doctors for the vacant positions.

District Governor Harun Reşit Han stated in his speech that the new hospital building and the technical equipment will offer the best health services for İskilip.

Following the opening ceremony, Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan visited the patients treated at the hospital.

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Updated: 11/06/2018