Minister of Health Dr. Ahmet Demircan inaugurated the Boyabat 75th Year State Hospital

Minister of Health Dr. Ahmet Demircan inaugurated the Boyabat 75th Year State Hospital.

Dr. Demircan delivered an opening speech and said that he personally experienced the challenges of the health sector and there has been a great transformation and development since those days.

“100-bed Boyabat Hospital will also solve problems of the surrounding districts. We will appoint physicians for the regions in need of healthcare professionals and solve that problem as well.”

Concerning local manufacturing of the 80% of the medicines in Turkey, Dr. Demircan added that “Health is a strategic area, it should not be entrusted to others.”

Health Minister mentioned about the violence against the healthcare professionals and said that “Violence against healers is not acceptable. We entrust our lives to the healthcare professionals and in return, you must support them”.

Dr. Demircan also talked about the mental transformation in Turkey and said that “It was though that it was the state that was essential. However, it is the nation. Nations establish the state. Nations give the lives and money whenever required. So we should give priority to human so that the state sustains.”

Furthermore, Mr. Nazım Maviş, Member of Parliament from Sinop said that “We would like to thank to the Health Minister for their presence in this inauguration ceremony.” Mr. Maviş also thanked to all involved and making effort for this investment.

Deputy Minister of Internal affairs Mehmet Ersoy said that residents of Boyabat are worthy of the best services and this hospital would offer the best for them.

Lastly, Governor of Sinop Köksal Şakalar stated that “I am very pleased that you will get health services at this very well-equipped hospital.”

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Updated: 11/06/2018