Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan received Palestinian Minister of Health


Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan received Palestinian Minister of Health Dr. Jawad Awad.

Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan expressed his pleasure for hosting his Palestinian counterpart. Dr. Demircan stated that Kudus, admitted as a sacred place by three religions, is under the terror of Israel and the first Kiblah of the Muslims is therefore mournful.

Stating that the history will speak highly of the struggle of this oppressed nation, Dr. Demircan further added that “We will continue supporting the right and oppressed side. Even the entire world turns its back, we will never leave our Palestinian friends alone during their resistance. The other side behaves very inhumane that they do not even allow transfer and treatment of the injured persons in Turkey.” 

Palestinian Minister of Health Dr. Jawad Awad thanked to the Turkish Minister for the hospitality. Dr. Awad said that Turkey has always provided moral and material support and added that “So we are not only friends but also brothers and sisters. For Palestine, you are like our lungs that enable us to breathe. Therefore, I would like to extend my sincere thanks.”

Following the bilateral meeting, the two ministers signed the “Protocol on Establishment, Joint Operation and Transfer of the Gaza Palestine-Turkey Friendship Hospital” constructed by TIKA and “Protocol on Specialization Training of the Palestinian Citizens in Turkey”. 

Based on this protocol, the hospital with 180 bed capacity constructed in Gaza region will be operated jointly by the Health Ministries of Turkey and Palestine for 3 years. Upon expiration of the 3-year period, the operation of the hospital will be transferred to the Palestinian side with a separate protocol. The Turkish Ministry of Health will continue monitoring and coordination for another 3 years following the transfer. 

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Updated: 31/05/2018