Health Minister Demircan: Turkey will be a center of attraction in production of pharmaceuticals


“Turkey Health Industry Summit” organized under the Transition Program to High Technology in Industry took place with the participation of Health Minister H.E. Dr. Ahmet Demircan and Industry and Trade Minister H.E. Faruk Özlü.   

Health Minister delivered a speech during the program and underlined the importance of domestic production of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and stated that they had the infrastructure and capacity for pharmaceutical production on global standards but only 65-70% of the capacity was used currently.

“TL 2.85 billion contribution so far”

Health Minister stated that they have made a contribution of around TL 2.85 billion and further added that “We will provide contribution of TL 6.1 billion to the national economy if we make use of the current potential. We want to make Turkey a center of attraction in terms of pharmaceutical and medical industry.”

The Turkish Minister also explained that localization efforts started for the “Hepatitis-A Vaccine Localization Project” (Turkey is totally dependent on foreign supplies for this vaccine) and they were also working on localization of the diagnosis kit of SMA – a high cost genetic blood disease, and added that “We consider the SMA diagnosis kit as a very important project in that it will both make positive contribution to public economy and bring such technology to Turkey.”

He concluded his words underlining that “Turkey will be a country that meets her own needs, exports products and services and produces technology and knowledge” and expressed his wish that the Summit would make valuable contributions for the development goals.

“We need courageous persons”

Industry and Trade Minister H.E. Faruk Özlü stated that project-based incentive system was put into practice and they provided incentive for 23 projects and 19 firms in the amount of TL 135 billion, and further added that “Pharmaceutical and medical equipment sector is one of the sectors for which we are providing incentive. The pharmaceutical and medical equipment sector is highly supported by the government and by our ministry, which is very important.”

Minister Özlü made a call to the supporters and said that “As we needed courageous persons for production of domestic car, we also need courageous persons for the domestic production of pharmaceuticals.”

“Turkey ranks the 35th in the global pharmaceutical export and the 22nd in the global pharmaceutical import and as Turkey, we firmly believe that we can overcome the external dependency in this field.” 

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Updated: 27/04/2018