Health Minister Dr. Demircan and Health Minister of TRNC held a meeting


Health Minister Dr. Demircan and Health Minister of TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) held a meeting on the occasion of the Internation Traditional Medicine Congress held in Istanbul.

Underlining the critical historical role of Cyprus, Dr. Demircan stated that “We have always had strong relations and we will strengthen our relations even more in the field of health.”

Adding that Cyprus is a part of Anatolia and has the necessary qualifications to overcome any work in both traditional and modern medicine, Health Minister Dr. Demircan said that “Cyprus is like a ship that never goes down. Cyprus and Turkey have very strong ties and we should strengthen these ties even more.”

Health Minister of TRNC Filiz Besim thanked to the Turkish Minister for his hospitality and expressed her pleasure. Health Minister Ms. Besim stated that “the Republic of Turkey is always supportive. We are working in full harmony in every field. We made cooperation in many areas as well as health and we will develop this even more”.

During the meeting, the two Ministers talked about the primary healthcare services and treatment services and they agreed on developing the current cooperation.  

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Updated: 20/04/2018