The Gazaian disabled siblings arrived Turkey


The Palestinian Sharif siblings (9-year old Secud and 7-year old Mahmud) without lower limbs who could not be treated in Gaza due to medical impossibilities and Israel embargo came to Ankara with their family. 

The Sharif family was received at the airport by the officials of the Ministry of Health and an interpreter.

The officials of the Ministry explained to the family that the necessary examinations would be performed and every effort would be spend for recovery of their children. The family left the airport accompanied by the officials of the Ministry of Health.

Instruction of the Minister for the Palestinian disabled siblings

The Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan learned the condition of the Sharif family during the Photos of the Year voting of the Anatolian Agency.   

While reviewing the photos in the category of “Life”, the Health Minister was touched by the photo of Ali Jadallah named “Life of the disabled siblings” describing the Palestinian child who cannot be treated in Gaza under Israel embargo due to medical impossibilities and dreams of having a prosthetic leg.

Learning the history of 9-year old Secud, 7-year old Mahmud and 9-month old Enes who do not have lower limbs by birth, Dr. Demircan ordered his bureaucrats to “Contact with this family and help their treatment requirements. Communicate with the Palestinian Embassy and reach them without delay.”

Later on, Director-General of EU and Foreign Affairs Dr. Selami Kılıç visited the Sharif siblings and their family in Gaza and stated that they would carry out whatever required for transfer of the Sharif brothers to Turkey, and for meeting their treatment and health requirements.   

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Updated: 18/04/2018