Health Minister Dr. Demircan explained the “Traditional and Complementary Medicine Congress” to the members of press


Dr. Ahmet Demircan, Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey, held a press meeting to provide information about the International Traditional and Complementary Medicine Congress which will take place in Istanbul Congress Center on 19-22 April 2018.

The press meeting was held at Bilkent Campus of the Ministry of Health. In his opening remarks, H.E. Dr. Demircan said that the humankind had always faced with health problems and sought recovery solutions. Underlining that modern medicine and complementary medicine are not rival but the continuation of the same process and complementary of one another, Dr. Demircan added that “Such practices are as old as the history of humankind while modern medicine is the result of the recent developments. It should not be separated and science should combine all these.”

"Physicians are authorized to practice”

The Health Minister Dr. Demircan said that “Traditional medicine services are being offered by the certified experts at the supervised health facilities. Turkey has set an exemplary progress in terms of integration and standardization”. 

Stating that there are 37 traditional medicine centers and 18 training centers at the universities and training hospitals of Turkey, Dr. Demircan further added that “physicians are authorized to perform such practices and at certain centers. So there is nothing unregulated.”

“We are providing services to our people at 439 units including state hospitals, private hospitals and medical centers. We have awarded certificates to 1600 physicians and dentists so far. Dentists can practice only in the oral area.”

“Traditional medicine practices will be included in the performance system”

Dr. Demircan answered questions of the members of press following the official launch and said that penal sanctions were applied to those who were involved in traditional medicine practices in illegal manner. 3 persons were imprisoned and proceedings are still ongoing for 17 other persons. Health Minister further said that “We are working to include such practices in the performance system. In brief, traditional medicine practices aim to serve to people under the light of the science. I would like to thank to all members of press for their participations.” 

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Updated: 05/04/2018