24 March World Tuberculosis Day

Since 24 March 1882, the day Robert Koch discovered M. tuberculosis bacillus and paved the way for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease, 24th day of March has been acknowledged as “World Tuberculosis Day”.

As a global public health problem, tuberculosis is among the 10 leading causes of death in the entire world. One of the health related United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is “ending the tuberculosis epidemic by 2030.” In this regard, the National Tuberculosis Control Plan is implemented in Turkey in order to achieve the goals to prevent tuberculosis, increase relevant activities, set new goals and strategies, if and when needed.

With the implementation of tuberculosis control programs over the last decades, TB incidence in Turkey has decreased to 15.3/1000. In collaboration with the national and international institutions, the Ministry of Health continues to reinforce its efforts for “End TB” strategy by increasing cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations and voluntary organizations.

The “Protocol on Conditional and Regular Cash Transfer for Patients Suffering Psychosocial and Financial Loss and Provision of Social Support Services” was signed with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies on 12.12. 2017. This project is conducted in collaboration between the two Ministries and is currently providing TB patients in need of financial support with regular cash transfer.

The United Nations will discuss tuberculosis during its General Assembly in September 2018. Additionally, the theme for 2018 World Tuberculosis Day is identified as “Wanted: Leaders for a TB free world”.

The World Tuberculosis Day ensures a significant opportunity to increase efforts to end TB.

We aim a TB free Turkey! Don’t be afraid, don’t hide, and get treated!

Updated: 23/03/2018