Health Minister Dr. Demircan received the Federation of Family Physicians Associations


Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan received Dr. Akif Emre Eker, Head of Federation of Family Physicians Associations, and the accompanying delegation. The Turkish Minister expressed his pleasure for the visit.

Dr. Akif Emre Eker stated the problems of the family physicians and said that issuance of 124 types of medical certificates turned into a challenge.

Underlining their target to provide a healthily living and healthily aging Turkey, Dr. Eker said that satisfaction of the public from the family practice is 88 percent. Dr. Eker also added “We always want to work in collaboration with the Ministry of Health while seeking solutions. We organized a workshop and prepared a report for this purpose. If we support the primary care services and care about the family practice system, we will contribute to the national economy as well.” 

Health Minister Dr. Ahmet Demircan underlined the importance of the family practice and the necessity to develop the primary care services altogether.

“Family practice will continue in the future as well” said H.E. Minister and added that when the family practice was developed, health expenses would reduce considerably.

Stating the family practice has some location problems and they would be settled, Health Minister added that “We will solve the problems of the family physicians. We will reduce the number of the patients per physician below 3 thousands. Only then, we can work fruitfully. We must also solve the problem of ‘medical certificate’ that affects the family physicians.”  

Updated: 22/03/2018