Minister Demircan met with health professionals on the Occasion of 14 March- Medicine Day


Minister of Health Ahmet Demircan met with the health professionals from 81 cities on the occasion of 14 March- Medicine Day.

Minister Demircan celebrated all health professionals’ Medicine Day and expressed his pleasure for hosting and meeting with those members of such a challenging but blessed profession.

Dr. Demircan, during his speech, underlined that the health professionals serve all around Turkey even in the remotest areas and under the most difficult conditions, and added that “This is not enough for us; we listen and hear the “cry for help” of anyone all around the world and try to bring hope to them. First and foremost, we serve all those people night and day, and consider this as the essence of our humanity and conscience.

Demircan also highlighted the steps taken by Turkey in the field of health over the last 15 years and stated that “The satisfaction rate of our citizens with the health care and services has reached more than 75%. Where we are today is the result of your hard work. In addition to successful investments, successful projects, the dedication of our health professionals has an important role. We did this together and we will be more successful together.” Demircan mentioned that improvements for working conditions of health professionals were aimed in order to increase satisfaction from health services to 100%.

“Despite this dedication, we may face some impertinent people and they dare to get violent against our health workers. This hurts us deeply. We consider these attacks as attacks to us. No matter what the reason is, we condemn violence. It is our responsibility to take necessary measures and ensure their safety.”

Minister Demircan thanked each and every member of the health family and presented “appreciation certificates” to successful physicians from 81 cities. 

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Updated: 14/03/2018