Health Minister Dr. Demircan attended the gown vesting ceremony at Gazi University Medical School


Dr. Ahmet Demircan, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, attended the program organized by the Gazi University Medical School on the occasion of the “14 March Medicine Day”.  During the program, gown vesting ceremony took place for the newly appointed associate professors and professors.

Delivering a speech, Minister Dr. Demircan expressed his good wishes on the occasion of the Medicine Day and said that “We owe the progress, Turkey has achieved in the field of health, to such valuable universities as Gazi University Medical School.

Stating that Turkey will overcome the shortage of physicians in the next ten years, Dr. Demircan continued his words as follows: “Turkey has restored the health infrastructure to an important extent. Our hospitals are far ahead of many European hospitals and the number of qualified beds in Turkey has exceeded the average in Europe.”

Underlining the importance of health tourism, Dr. Demircan stated that the relevant legislative procedures had come to an important point and it would be shared with the public soon and then referred to the Assembly.

Mentioning that Regulations on the Inpatient Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centers, Geriatric Care Centers and Spa Therapy were prepared and sent to the Prime Ministry in order to be published in the Official Gazette, Dr. Demircan further stated that Turkey had potential for producing services and providing high incomes in the field of health tourism.

Dr. Demircan also said that Turkey was making great efforts to develop domestic manufacturing of medicines and medical equipment. 

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Updated: 14/03/2018