Salt Awareness Week (12-18 March)

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey is conducting the “Reduction of Excessive Salt Consumption Program in Turkey” since 2011. Within the framework of this program, various activities are organized in Turkey during the “Salt Awareness Week (12-18 March)” in order to raise awareness concerning adverse effects of the excessive salt intake and reduce excessive salt consumption. 

Since excessive salt intake adversely affects the human health, it is required to use little but iodized salt. Excessive salt intake raises blood pressure and increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and heart diseases.

In order to reduce the excessive salt consumption: 

- Gradually reduce the amount of salt you use while cooking.
- Instead of salt, use various spices, dill, parsley, lemon and garlic in order to enrich the flavor of your foods.
- Remove salt and salty sauces from the table in order to prevent salty-eating habit of your kids.
- Before purchasing convenience food, read the label and prefer the ones with the less amount of salt.  
- Wash/keep in water before consuming such foods as pickle, canned food, pickled leaves, olives and cheese and consume more fruit and vegetable. 

Updated: 13/03/2018