Introductory meeting of “International Traditional and Complementary Medicine Congress”


Prof. Dr. Eyüp Gümüş, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, held an introductory meeting on “International Tradition and Complementary Medicine Congress” which will take place in Istanbul between April 19th and 22nd, 2018 under the auspices of the Presidency and in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, World Health Organization and University of Health Sciences. 
Prof. Dr. İbrahim Saraçoğlu, Principal Consultant of the President, Prof. Dr. Cevdet Erdöl, Rector of the University of Health Sciences, Dr. Pavel Ursu, WHO Representative of Turkey and Assist. Prof. Elif Güler Kazancı, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, attended the meeting. 

During the meeting, Prof. Gümüş mentioned about the important knowledge of Turkey about the traditional medicine and said that “In Turkey, in Europe and in the world, people prefer natural treatment methods if possible.” 
Stating that many herbal or supplementary products are available for sale at the pharmacies based on the permit of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Gümüş said that they would coordinate the traditional medicine practices and open specific clinics to this aim.

“38 public institutions currently have traditional medicine centers”

There are a total of 38 traditional and complementary medicine centers (TCMC) at the university and training and research hospitals authorized by the Ministry of Health. 18 of them provide TCMC training and R&D works. Moreover, there are 480 TCMC units at the state and private health facilities. So far, Ministry of Health have registered 5500 TCMC certificates, and 1500 physicians, dentists and pharmacists have received TCMC certificates. 

Underlining that they will work in cooperation with the World Health Organization, Prof. Gümüş said that they would work to include such practices in the cover of the general health insurance.
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Updated: 12/03/2018