8th of March, World Kidney Day

Every year, 8th of March and the following week are recognized as the World Kidney Day in order to increase awareness and inform public on renal (kidney) health and diseases, to draw attention on the significance of early diagnosis and on the severe burden of chronic diseases on human health and economy. The theme for “World Kidney Day of 2018” is identified as “Kidneys and Woman Health”.

Chronic renal diseases have become an important public health challenge for not only Turkey but also the world. On the other hand, renal diseases can be prevented with early diagnosis or their progress can be reverted. Low awareness about this disease, however, does not help for diagnosis of the disease at an early stage. Lack of awareness also leads to renal failure and deteriorates the quality of life for individuals.

A screening study by Turkey Nephrology Association shows that 1 of 6-7 adults have chronic renal diseases at various stages. Risk of chronic renal diseases is higher for woman than man.

Prevalence of certain renal diseases, for instance lupus nephropathy or renal infection (acute or chronic pyelonephritis), is more common among women and increase risk during pregnancy. Therefore, timely diagnosis and effective treatment play essential role for better recovery from the illness. Premature birth or miscarriages can be seen among pregnant patients who suffer severe chronic diseases and hypertension. Preeclampsia, septic miscarriage and post-partum hemorrhage are among the leading reasons for acute renal damage and can also trigger chronic renal diseases.

If you have chronic renal disease and are pregnant, avoid overweight, consume less salt and have your tension checked during each follow-up. 

Updated: 09/03/2018