Program of the 62nd Government - New Turkey: Healthy Generations

• We have increased the number of 112 emergency medical stations to 2142 from 481 in 2002 and we will continue to add more.
• Helicopter ambulances will be capable of flying at night by the end of 2014. They will be serving at night in four regions by June 2015.
• At its 100th anniversary, we will make Turkey a medical hub in the whole region.
• We will launch a comprehensive Protective Health Strategy to protect our citizens from disease and costly treatments.
• We will expand medical cities throughout the country in order to raise service quality and deliver cost-effective care.
• We will continue to develop community-based health services in the New Turkey. We will create such an advanced healthcare structure in the 29 health regions around the country that no patients -save rare exceptions- will need to travel elsewhere for care.
• Every family physician will have a list of 3.500 patients by 2015.
• We will continue to reduce maternal and infant mortalities by further improving preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.
• We will continue to fight against risk factors to reduce the use of tobacco, alcohol and other harmful substances.
• We will continue to counter obesity effectively by promoting healthy diets and regular physical activity.
• We will introduce home care, tele-medicine and other initiatives to raise the quality of services even more which will reduce the costs further.
• We will take the necessary steps to make the new Turkey, already a global brand in health, one of the leading countries in medical tourism.
• We will create an advanced training and research center for health sciences in order to expand Turkey's recent achievements in health to R&D, strengthen its role as a technological hub in health, stay tuned to the scientific developments in the world and control and manage the rising costs of cancers and other diseases.
• We are working on a technology transfer PPP for ending Turkey's import dependency in blood products which are strategically very important worldwide and starting production in Turkey. Our target is to make Turkey an export country in this arena. Our preparations are approaching the final stage.
• We will introduce new initiatives to improve the working standards and increase the satisfaction of health professionals who have had a key role in the Health Transformation Program to make our services fairer and more accessible.
• We will strengthen the financial sustainability of the health system by taking into account of our demographic structure and advances in medical technologies and clinical methods in order to raise the quality of our citizens’ lives.


Updated: 13/03/2017