Duties and Powers

The Decree-Law 663 regulates organization, duties, powers and responsibilities of the Ministry of Health and affiliated institutions. The duty of the Ministry is to ensure complete physical, mental and social wellbeing for all.

In this context, the Ministry administers the health system and sets health policies in order to:

a) protect and improve public health and reduce and prevent disease risks,
b) carry out diagnostic, curative and rehabilitative services,
c) prevent entry of public health risks of international concern into the country,
ç) improve health training and research,
d) ensure availability, accessibility and affordability of reliable and quality drugs, special products, substances subject to national and international control, active and inactive ingredients used in the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices,
e) achieve high-quality and efficient healthcare around the country by generating savings in and improving efficiency of the workforce and financial resources, distributing health workforce evenly across the country and ensuring collaboration with all stakeholders,
f) plan and expand public and private health facilities at national level.

For this purpose, the Ministry;

a) sets strategies and goals, develops plans and regulations and acts as a coordinating body,
b) collaborates internationally and with other sectors,
c) provides guidance, monitoring, evaluation, incentives and audits and imposes sanctions,
ç) plans and implements healthcare in emergencies and disasters,
d) takes measures to eliminate regional discrepancies in healthcare delivery and improve general access to healthcare,
e) provides direction to practices and regulations of relevant institutions and agencies related to factors and social determinants which directly or indirectly affect human health, provides necessary communications and opinions and imposes sanctions,
f) takes any measure relevant to its duty and services.
g) The principles and procedures for setting drug prices are established by the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the Ministry.

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