Dr. Şuayip BİRİNCİ

Deputy Minister

He was born in Rize in 1973. He completed his primary and secondary education in Rize and Trabzon, and graduated from Ondokuz Mayıs University, Faculty of Medicine. Following the medical school, he completed his master’s degree in “Leadership and Global Entrepreneurship” and his master’s and PhD studies in “Management of Health Institutions.”

Starting his professional life in 1998, he worked as a physician in various public institutions in Rize and İstanbul. He served as the Deputy Medical Director of Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital (2005-2009), Deputy Provincial Health Director of İstanbul (2009-2012) and Secretary General of Istanbul Northern Anatolia Public Hospitals Authority (2012-2014).

He was appointed as Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health (2014-2018), and since August 2018, he has been working as Deputy Minister of Health. At the Ministry, he was primarily assigned with strategy and target setting, planning, regulation and coordination.

As a member of the Executive Board of Teknofest, Dr. Birinci pioneered the realization of health technologies and artificial intelligence in health competitions. He is the founder and executive board member of TÜSAP, the first think-tank organization on health policies and management in Türkiye. Being a member of the TÜRKSAT Board of Directors, Dr. Birinci is also the Chairman of the Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center Board of Directors. In 2021, he was chosen by HIMMS as one of the 50 most influential leaders shaping the future of health in the world. (He is one of the ten elected public officials.)

Dr. Birinci, who manages Türkiye's "Digital Transformation in Healthcare" process, has implemented and successfully led numerous informatics projects (e-Nabız, Teleradiology, SBA, MİZ, HSYS, ESIM, REÇETEM, White Code, ASOS, SİNA, TEAM, E-Report System, HYP, MELİS, Corona Prevention, FİTAS, RUHSAD, ÖZDES, Health Board, Hayat Eve Sığar (Life Fits Home), Dr. e-Nabız, AŞILA, NeyimVar?, EVS, Disaster Support, etc.).

He has many academic studies on health management, digitalization in health, health economics, national technology move in health, healthy life, health promotion and preventive health services, treatment services, remote health and the future of health. He has books, articles and scientific studies published nationally and internationally.

Dr. Birinci is married with three children.