"100 Million Doses Is A Joint Success"


The Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca held a press conference and received questions from press members.

Minister Koca said: "Today is a day worth celebrating after 18 months of working hard. Today, as of 12.54, we have administered a total of 100 million doses of vaccines."

"This point shows us that rapid vaccination is possible"

Minister noted that the 100 million doses was a joint success, and added: "I would like to congratulate everyone who has contributed to this success. I would also like to express how grateful I am to my colleagues to climbed up mountains, and walked for miles and miles for vaccinating people. The 100 million doses is the success of those who have not only been vaccinated but also gone above and beyond to fight the pandemic. I also would like to thank everyone who mobilized their friends and loved ones to get vaccinated. I pay our respects scientists, who have been the driving force in the vaccination process. We are always proud of the leadership demonstrated by our Scientific Board. This point shows us that rapid vaccination is possible. We, the 84 million, can ensure an even stronger solidarity, a spirit of unity. Today is a day to grow our strength for herd immunity, which is our common goal."

"100 million dose success prepares us for a great result”

"The 100 million dose success prepares us for a great result. This result is the herd immunity, which I believe we could achieve quickly", said Minister Koca and noted that herd immunity could only be achieved by being fully vaccinated. Pointing out that there were 11.3 million people who had received their first dose, but not their second dose, Koca said: "Let's get our scheduled doses. We know that the first dose of the vaccine alone offers no protection. The first dose kicks off the vaccination process. The expected result could only be achieved by getting fully vaccinated. A full dose of the vaccine saves lives. Currently, some of the patients hospitalized due to COVID-19 are those who have yet to be fully vaccinated."
Noting that completing the vaccines would not offer protection on the same day, Koca continued, "In order for you to easily defeat the virus or to have mild disease, two weeks must pass after the booster dose. Currently, close to 90 percent of active cases in our hospitals are people who have not been vaccinated at all or fully vaccinated."

"TURKOVAC has reached the stage where it can apply for emergency use authorization”

Minister Koca also offered information about the status of the Turkish vaccine TURKOVAC, and said: "Our locally-produced vaccine TURKOVAC has reached the stage where we can apply for emergency use authorization. We have sufficient infrastructure to mass produce TURKOVAC at a second plant. If it receives the authorization, we can start mass production in October."

Updated: 14/09/2021