"Get Vaccinated, Protect Yourself and Those Around You"


Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, and YÖK President Erol Özvar delivered statements at the press conference held following the Coronavirus Scientific Committee meeting.

Minister Koca said, "More than 78% of the 18 and over population has received a single dose, and more than 60% has received both doses."

"81% of active cases are those not fully vaccinated"

Recalling that the increase in the number of cases in the last 4 weeks was caused by people who were not vaccinated, Koca continued: "As of today, 81% of active cases are those not fully vaccinated. Around 90% of hospitalized patients are also those who are not fully vaccinated. About 10% of the deceased are fully vaccinated. 90% of those who have died are either people who have never been vaccinated or are not fully vaccinated. The essence of all this is that vaccines protect us. Vaccines can offer full protection for a certain period of time. In this regard, I once again call upon everyone, get vaccinated, and protect yourself and those around you."

"As parents, we must follow the measures first"

Noting that they will adopt guidelines that include measures and rules to avoid crowded environments at schools, Koca said: “Some parents may still have some concerns about whether their children could get infected at school. If this is our concern, we must follow the measures first, as parents."

"Restrictions are currently not an agenda item"

Pointing out that variants had been increasing infectiousness recently, Koca added: "Restrictions have not been an agenda item. We are in a period when mobility is increasing, there is more contact, less distance, and less mask use, in turn, infectiousness is getting easier and case numbers are rising."

Mask, disinfectant, and cleaning supplies for schools

In his statement, Minister Özer expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee for their support, guidance, and coordination for the re-opening of schools. Özer said: "To help our schools to prepare for the school year of 2021-2022, we have allocated 650 million Turkish Liras for schools across 81 provinces. We have also employed 113 thousand cleaning personnel for 58 thousand schools in 81 provinces."

"Every necessary measure has been adopted in campuses"

YÖK President Erol Özvar delivered a statement after the meeting and said: "As you know, academic activities have continued over the course of 3 semesters. Campuses and schools of universities have not been closed. However, the activities have been carried out remotely. Universities have made great sacrifices to continue to deliver training. Every necessary measure has been adopted in campuses. As YOK, we have decided to re-start face-to-face education at universities. We have also developed guidelines for universities on training procedures, and rules to be put in place at campuses."


Updated: 06/09/2021