"Let Us Unite Against the Pandemic"


Minister of Health, Dr. Fahrettin Koca, delivered a statement following the Coronavirus Scientific Committee meeting.

In his statement, Koca said that the pandemic was still high up on the agenda and said, "We have to become stronger than ever. We have been through a tough battle. But we have to keep moving forward."

Noting that the healthcare systems of many countries were in danger of collapse, Koca continued, "In welfare nations, peace has been replaced by chaos. Even though we are much better than those countries, we are still feeling the pain of March 11."

Mask advice

Stressing that it is possible to avoid the coronavirus, Koca added that the virus that is causing the disease spread via respiratory droplets and that masks were a widely-accepted way to prevent its spread. Pointing out that mask alone would not be enough in close contact, Koca said, "For that reason, the importance of social distancing is indisputable. Hand hygiene is a must. Our success against this pandemic depends on to what extent we follow these rules."

Koca referred to the spread of the disease and warned people,

"Engagement parties, wedding ceremonies, funeral services, market places, shopping malls, mass transportation vehicles, and beaches. Indoor or outdoor, it does not matter. Holiday-makers should remember that COVID-19 measures are on their side. If you are running away from the crowd of the city, then, please do not go into other crowds."

The Minister noted that the Ministry of Health was cooperating with the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, Ministry of National Defense, and Ministry of Culture and Tourism to ensure the widespread implementation of measures.

Adding that the long battle led the world into a more relaxed state-of-mind and continued, "Let's accept that this battle has made us a little bit complacent as well. But we have shown that we could get back on our feet in only 10 days. The daily new number of cases is around 1000."

Koca pointed out the fact that countries with high number of cases were worried about fall and continued,"We have to take this into consideration as well. Fighting COVID-19 is now an integral part of our lives. However, there is more to life than that. We have to keep living as we keep on fighting. As long as we follow the rules. Those who are positive and those who love life have the strength to fight. Let's realize that. We are tired. We are tired because of this pandemic. Let's shake off this tiredness. Let's fight even stronger. Let's unite against the pandemic."


Updated: 10/07/2020